Exercise Equipment-A Brief Overview

As many fitness instructors know, using exercise equipment when you do a workout can greatly enhance the efficacy of your physical activity. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that exercise equipment often enables you to challenge your body in new ways that help you burn more calories and develop a shapely physique. When this is done, the end result is that you look good and feel great. By learning more about exercise equipment, you can optimize wellness and become a more productive, positive person.

Types of Exercise Equipment

There are many different types of exercise equipment you can use to enhance your workout routine. One type is adjustable weights. Although broadly defined, adjustable weights are basically dumbbells that adjust from low weight to high weight. An example would be a set of dumbbells that move from 2.5 to 52 pounds. The advantageous nature of dumbbells is rooted in the fact that they preclude you from having to buy multiple sets of dumbbells.

Exercise EquipmentAnother great type of exercise equipment is the stepper. Steppers can be used in a variety of ways and are the main piece of equipment used in step aerobics. Although they can come in many shapes and sizes, steppers are basically large rectangular pieces of plastic that an individual steps or jumps on and off in order to increase the cardiovascular intensity of a workout.

Like steppers, exercise bikes are a form of exercise equipment that contribute to the attainment of a good cardiovascular workout. Exercise bikes are typically stationary machines that allow you to go at varying levels of intensity with respect to speed. In general, a person can expect to burn 300-500 calories per hour on an exercise bike. When you do this or any other type of work out, you should pay careful attention to your gym flooring. Some of the different types include foam, rubber, and wood.

Other Ways To Enhance Fitness

In addition to using the exercise equipment listed above, you should consider using free fitness workout videos to enhance your workout program. Attaining these videos for free is important because you don’t necessarily want to invest in a DVD that doesn’t provide you with the information and exercise instruction you want in order to get fit. You can also look into getting free pedometers. Because pedometers show you the distance you travel when walking or running, they enable you to gauge how many calories you’ve burned as well as your endurance level.


Although developing and maintaining a great fitness program may seem like a difficult task to accomplish, it doesn’t have to be. By using exercise equipment and trying new methods of working out, you will be on the road to a slender physique and great health. Good luck!

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