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4 Tips For Your Water Bottle Not To Be Full Of Bacteria

4 Tips For Your Water Bottle Not To Be Full Of Bacteria

You know the container or ice bottle (กระติก น้ำแข็ง which is the term in Thai) that many people take around to quench their thirst? If some care is not taken, it can become a full plate for microbes. In the evaluation, the containers that had a built-in straw inside were the ones that showed the lowest number of bacteria. According to the survey authors, this happens because the drops accumulate at the base of the straw, instead of concentrating on the exposed surface, a more attractive place for microbes to settle.

The findings of the small experiment are no reason to throw the container in the trash. “Most of these microorganisms come from our mouths and usually do not cause disease. However, the findings reinforce the importance of cleaning (or changing) the accessory considering certain contexts. “Although the presence of these agents does not pose risks in itself, factors such as mouth sores or weakened immunity facilitate their arrival into the bloodstream, which can trigger discomfort, diarrhea.

Washing the accessory with water and detergent regularly is enough to stop threats of this type. “Many people neglect this habit because the bottle is for private use.

1. The Best Choice

Prefer those that have an internal straw and an easier-to-clean shape. Choosing stainless steel is a good idea, as it makes it difficult for bacteria to install.

2. When To Change

Although there is no set a date for this, it is wise to replace the bottle if there are cracks and color fading, signs that it is too old.

3. Sanitation

Wash it every time it is used, paying attention to hard-to-reach places, such as the lid thread and the edges of the straw. A bottle brush helps.

4. Transport

Protect the pout, avoid falls or bumps, and don’t leave the bottle for a long time in stuffy places, like the car, something that favors microbes.