Home Feature Are there any policies of etiquette?

Are there any policies of etiquette?

Are there any policies of etiquette?

Honor the surroundings with silence; it’s far certainly considered one among tranquility and rest. Remember that your remedy will stop on time so that the subsequent visitor isn’t always on time. The use of \telephones, cameras, and digital gadgets isn’t always accepted withinside the spa. Arrive early. Don’t cheat yourself during your rest time.

Can I pick out to have a male or lady therapist?

If you’ve got a gender choice, please endorse the spa reservationist at the time of creating your appointment. For know more about it you can visit on https://opstar.me/

What are the timings is for opening it?

We’re open each day, between 9 am and 9 pm. Space closes handiest on the twenty-fifth of December each year.

Is it a terrific concept to reach a couple of minutes earlier than my appointment?

We advocate you arrive a minimum of 10 min earlier than your appointment, this may provide you with the time to loosen up and soak in our atmosphere at the same time as our therapist preps for your consultation.

Will a person assist me to pick out an appropriate remedy?

Yes, both the front workplace manager/govt. and the therapist will assist you to pick out an appropriate remedy.

What merchandise do you operate in administering your offerings?

The merchandise we use at space was selected with outstanding care to provide you the exceptional consequences. Our signature natural merchandise is homemade from the most fulfilling herbal herbs, oils, and spices.

  • Lavender Cologne:

Made from a divine aggregate of Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme, Bergamote, as well as Ginger, our Lavender Cologne works wonders in inducing deep rest and firming your pores and skin. It relaxes your joints, boosts your circulatory and frightened structures, and improves immunity.

  • Rose Cocktail:

We normally advocate Rose Cocktail for girls because it has a robust floral heady fragrance. Its oil is extracted from hand-picked red rosebuds and the addition of geranium and peach offers you the candy flavor of calm and immediate. It tones your pores and skin and diminishes the advent of wrinkles. Repeated use provides a smooth glow for your pores and skin, making it appears younger and supple.

  • Sandal Saffron:

As the call shows this product makes use of the proper stability of sandalwood and saffron to cleanse and heal your pores and skin. It offers your pores and skin an immediate glow via way of means of stimulating your nerve endings. It is in particular powerful in treating touchy, dry, chapped, or infected pores and skin.

  • De-strain Oil:

Our De-strain Oil is the antidote to all of your aches. The balanced aggregate of ginger, wintergreen, eucalyptus, camphor, and rosemary relieves pains and aches. It generates warmness to loosen up the infection and numbs nerve endings to lessen ache.