Home Feature <strong>Cell Phone Crashing: What Could Be Happening And How To Solve It?</strong>

Cell Phone Crashing: What Could Be Happening And How To Solve It?

<strong>Cell Phone Crashing: What Could Be Happening And How To Solve It?</strong>

Cell phone crashing is an annoying problem that occurs with many people. The problem mostly happens with older cell phones, but it can happen even with new ones. Weak specs, total memory, and misuse can be the villains, but that’s not all; there are many other reasons.

If your cell phone such as Samsung Galaxy S20 5G is crashing and you need a solution, stay with us and discover the main reasons that make your cell phone slow and crash, as well as check out some solution tips to solve the problem. If your problem is that your cell phone is getting too hot, see what could be causing it.

On Android, it is possible to install apps from unknown sources, which often brings viruses to the phone. The Play Store does a complete check on the app before installing it on your device, so from the moment you do it “manually,” you will be without the store’s protection, making your phone slow and crash.

How To Make The Cell Phone Stop Crashing?

Now that you know what could be causing your cell phone to freeze, we will teach you some tips on how to make your cell phone faster. Here, you will know what to do when your cell phone crashes. Follow us, follow the step-by-step and discover once and for all how to unlock your cell phone and end this problem.

Uninstall Apps You No Longer Use

Clean up apps on your device and uninstall all the ones you’re not using – there may be several that you didn’t even remember were installed. iPhone and Android have an option in the settings that shows unused apps and gives the possibility to uninstall them.

Clear Internal Memory And Cache

It is also good to clean the device’s internal memory, deleting all those files that are not important. Photos, videos, and audio are sent in the family group, and you don’t need any more maybe collaboration for the device to crash. Google Files is an application that helps you with this cleaning and even helps you back up some things to the cloud. Clearing the cache is also essential. These are temporary files stored by websites and applications that, over time, accumulate on the device. On Android, it is possible to do this cleaning for each application, while on iPhones, the system already performs the cleaning from time to time.