While the are many causes for various bone and muscle pain symptoms, osteoarthritis is an increasingly common one. Fortunately, there are osteoarthritis exercises and other non-pharmaceutical techniques that can help ease this pain.

What is osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis is a medical condition that affects over 20 million people. Basically, this condition occurs from wear-and-tear on joints and muscles. As the joints are used and worn on, they begin to degenerate. This condition can cause severe pain and can be rather enigmatic to treat.

Osteoarthritis affects the joints. Commonly affected joints include the knee, hip, elbow, shoulder, and articulations of the vertebrae. These are joints that often endure heavy use throughout life, and therefore are more subject to wear.

Do you have leg pain while sleeping? Or maybe pain behind the knee? How about leg pain while sleeping? While painkillers can help, consider that a lifestyle change may be more effective and healthy. Try running or walking to stretch those leg muscles out. Lack of use of muscle groups contribute to pain. So much muscle pain could be relieved with exercise and fitness.

Cramps that cause severe leg pain can be relieved by exercising and stretching the muscles so that, when relaxed, they won’t cramp up and cause severe leg pain. Touch your toes! Sit on the floor, hold a straight leg, and reach for your toes. Increased flexibility, combined with exercise, will get those muscles more limber and less painful. Straining unused leg muscles causes severe leg pain.

Diet plays a role, too. Folic acid and electrolytes like potassium are essential for treating muscle cramps. However, there are foods that cause joint pain or muscle pain. Avoid high amounts of sugar, processed foods, caffeine and other toxins, as these are generally unhealthy.

Lower back pain is another common malady that can often be helped by exercise. Lower back injuries often occurred when unused, under-exercised muscles are suddenly put under strain. Basically, you cannot expect to heave 90 lbs. over your head if you never exercise the muscles at work. There are great exercises for lower back pain. Try crunches, squats, and other core workouts.


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