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How to prepare yourself for Sclerotherapy?

How to prepare yourself for Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is an effective way for the removal of spider veins. It has a proven record of being highly effective and helping people regain their confidence and enhance their beauty. 

If you have pre-booked your Sclerotherapy appointment and are wondering how to prepare yourself for the treatment, this post is perfect for you. 

Below, we will share some of the handy tips that you should know while preparing for your Sclerotherapy session. 

  1. The easiest way to prepare yourself for your Sclerotherapy is by ensuring that you understand all the details about Sclerotherapy. A little research on the internet about the same will help you understand the treatment you are getting. 
  2. To prevent infections, avoid applying any lotion on your legs three days before and after your treatment. 
  3. Avoid taking aspirin, Motrin, or Aleve at least a week before your Sclerotherapy session. 
  4. Keep compression stockings for your sessions to prevent numbness and keep the circulation going. 
  5. Pick loose and comfortable clothes for your Sclerotherapy session. 
  6. Keep all your questions ready, and make sure to ask them before your sessions to ease your mind from any fear. 
  7. If you have any allergies, let your surgeon know beforehand. Additionally, also inform them about any medications you are taking, including dietary and supplements. 
  8. Avoid taking Prednisone at least two days before your Sclerotherapy session. 
  9. Following your session, stay away from traveling for a minimum of 72 hours. You can plan your rides and trips after 72 hours are completed. 
  10. Lastly, stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water before and after your Sclerotherapy session. 

Your surgeon will also assist you in preparing for your session with valuable tips and tricks to follow. It is best to consult them personally and ask all your questions at least a week or two before the day of Sclerotherapy. This will also give you a lot of time to follow the do’s and don’t before the procedure to avoid any unwanted issues ahead. 

Having clarity on all the things you should do and you shouldn’t do directly from the surgeon will also help them to understand your activities better. Lastly, this opens the door for your fears to go away with a healthy discussion. 

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