Lisa’s Story – a single LGBTQ person’s fertility journey


Living in this world, the LGBTQ community has faced many challenges because our society fails to accept them as normal individuals and make their life more miserable to live in, but with time and advancement these traditional thoughts of people have changed and they have accepted LGBTQ community proudly and respectfully. In fact, June is said to be the pride month which is celebrated for the LGBTQ community and their awareness in all parts of the country started by London. The encouragement of self-affirmation, respect, justice, and integral approach of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons as a society is known as LGBT pride.

When it comes to being single there are lots of challenges people of this community have to face, one such is being single and planning for LGBT parenting. Here is a touching narrative about one woman’s path to becoming a single parent in the middle of an outbreak. Lisa takes us through some of the ups and downs of her IVF experience and how she has been provided with full support and love when undergoing her whole fertility journey with The Agora Clinic in London Brighton that specializes in identifying and treating infertility-related issues to all patients which also includes privately funded patients.

Lisa was planning to have a child and was looking for clinics that could help her in her entire fertility process and while having communication in her community she got to know about Agora clinic who treats and serves privately funded patients with full support and loving environment and with lots of positive reviews from queer parents that have children through the Agora she decided to visit the clinic.

Right now, I’m 21 weeks pregnant with my first child- says Lisa.

She tells how a beautiful experience she had with Agora from the nurses to the doctors and the support and love received was incredible and amazing. They were part of her whole journey just like a family- sitting with her coming up with the best solutions to her problems just like a mother would do for her child.

She tells her fertility journey officially started at 19 when she was in a married relationship but couldn’t make a baby after several attempts, she got divorced by the age of 24. She already made her mind about getting a child. Planning it being a single woman was very difficult but difficulties bring the best was in her mind. In the lockdown itself, she went through the whole fertility process with the agora clinic.

Happy family selfie

She also started her online blog to keep a track of her beautiful journey of fertility treatment for single women. She also made a small book called Lisa’s Baby Diaries, which chronicles her journey from the beginning to the present so that her child could know what went into the whole process. It’s chock-full of scans. She has a record of her pregnancy tests and injections. She also got a handwritten note from her donor sperm who was a Russian to let her child know the culture and heritage and her child will know from a young age that this nice caring man has given us this amazing gift to assist me in my role as a parent.

So, if you’re thinking about starting your path as a Trans or non-binding human, she believes this is the place to go because you’ll feel welcome, at home, and included.



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