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Low cholesterol diets are just one way to make healthier lifestyle choices to lower cholesterol naturally. High cholesterol levels have been associated with an increased risk of many health problems, including cardiovascular issues such as heart attack and stroke. Reducing your cholesterol levels is one way to reduce those health risks, and beginning a low fat low cholesterol diet is just one step in that process.

Although it is important to have lower total cholesterol numbers, it is necessary to have adequate amounts of good cholesterol for vital body functions. Sometimes the good to bad cholesterol ratio is more important than the actual total numbers, especially if the total cholesterol numbers are near the borderline between high and acceptable. Thus, it can often be more effective to look at ways to lower bad cholesterol, and the total level should drop as well.

Some ways to lower cholesterol include engaging in daily exercise, eating low fat foods that are also low in cholesterol, and selecting foods that can actually help lower cholesterol levels. It is important to consider cholesterol and diet, since certain fats called triglycerides can actually negatively affect cholesterol levels in the body.

When selecting a low fat low cholesterol diet, it is important to select from whole grains, plant based proteins, and lots of vegetables and fruits. Animal meats are okay to consider as long as your selection is from leaner cuts. Fish and poultry are healthier options than beef, with fish being the healthiest for cholesterol levels in the body.

When looking for ways on how to reduce cholesterol levels, it is not only important to avoid certain foods, especially those high fat foods that are high in triglycerides, but also to choose from foods that have been shown to actually reduce cholesterol levels by helping it to be eliminated from the body. Some important foods to add to your low cholesterol diet include oatmeal and oat bran, foods that are high in fiber, fish and foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, nuts such as walnuts and almonds, olive oil, and foods created specifically for low cholesterol diets that have added plant sterols or plant stanols.

Lowering your cholesterol levels naturally does not have to be complicated. A few minor adjustments to your diet including the reduction of high fat foods and the addition of cholesterol lowering foods can help your diet in no time.