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Negative Effects of Misaligned Tooth in Kids at a Tender Age

Negative Effects of Misaligned Tooth in Kids at a Tender Age

The way an infant’s teeth grow at a tender age can build foundation for their adulthood. Crooked teeth and biting difficulties may occur with the emergence of permanent teeth. As children grow, they’re more involved in physical and sporting activities, therefore they are more likely to experience dental crises due to injuries. Parents and caregivers must protect their children from long-term dental problems caused by misaligned teeth, which is also known as malocclusion, or mouth damages.

Malocclusion is a condition in which teeth are crooked, crowded, out of alignment, or jaws do not meet properly. It is also known as a bad bite. This is most obvious between the ages of 6-12 when a child’s permanent teeth begin to emerge. If left untreated, this issue would make it difficult to keep teeth and gums clean thereby, increasing the risk of cavities and gum disease.

Getting your child’s teeth checked regularly through a pediatric dentist Cypress TX can help in detecting biting abnormalities at an early stage. Treatment options could include contacting a dentist who can come up with a plan such as wearing braces or a removable retainer.

If you’re looking for Cypress TX pediatric dentist, contact Orion Dental Specialty Clinic. They not only provide proper dental care, but also educate parents about children’s oral care and its importance. The clinic offers an affordable pediatric dental plan, which is beneficial for both parents and kids. Children suffering from misaligned or crooked teeth also get proper treatment with the latest technique and advanced technology. 

Effects of Misaligned Teeth in Children

Lose Confidence

Children with crooked teeth are often self-conscious about their looks. Some children do not smile as much as they should because they believe others can see and mock their teeth. Children taunt one another about their appearances and even name one another for similar reasons which make a kid lose his/her confidence and self-esteem.

Lack of Speech Clarity

Malocclusion can also influence your child’s speech development, which can eventually affect how your child pronounces words if you don’t treat them correctly. When the lips, tongue, and teeth all work together to generate sound, the result is speech. Any change to any of the three parts of the mouth has an impact on how you talk.


Malocclusion can influence your child’s nutrition, and poor nutrition can affect growth and health in the long run. Some meals may cause problems for children, causing them to dislike them. They may also fail to chew their food properly if their teeth are misaligned.

Tooth Loss/Decay

Bits of food is trapped between crooked teeth. These food particles feed bacteria that cause tooth decay. Plaque builds up between crooked teeth due to poor hygiene, and the plaque eventually destroys the teeth. If dental decay is not treated promptly, it may result in tooth loss.

Pain In Jaw 

When the jaw moves, it puts an unusual amount of stress on the tendons, nerves, and muscles. When your child speaks, eats, or simply opens and closes their mouth, the tissues connecting their jaws are stressed. As a result, they have chronic jaw discomfort that will only go away if the cause is treated by a pediatric dentist.

Your child must have a positive attitude toward going to the Cypress pediatric dentist. This is an important step in teaching kids the value of excellent oral hygiene.