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Physiotherapy aims to help people who have certain illnesses, conditions, or disabilities to regain movement, range of motion, and proper functioning of the body through a variety of techniques. This type of therapy is often viewed as a holistic approach, where the patient is encouraged to take an active approach in his or her own care.

Many parts of the body and body systems can benefit from the use of physiotherapy. Conditions that are improved include those affecting areas such as the musculoskeletal system, neuromuscular system, cardiovascular system, and respiratory system. This form of treatment therapy is not limited to injuries, as it can help to improve functioning after surgery, heart attacks, stroke, and many other issues that limit movement and other body functions.

Physiotherapists use special exercises, such as physical therapy exercises, to improve patient’s mobility, physical activity, range of motion, functioning, and overall health and wellness. The patient’s current level of health is taken into consideration when movement exercise therapy is planned. In addition to range of motion exercise, aquatic therapy is frequently used, as this form of exercise puts minimal stress and strain on body parts and gives very little impact to those who suffer from pain issues. Specific exercises are also necessary to provide strength to muscles and connective tissues where necessary to help alleviate problems with bones and joints.

Manual therapy techniques, such as massage, are also beneficial to patients and offered by physiotherapists. These techniques allow for increased range of motion, reduced inflammation, and a decrease in pain and stiffness by encouraging blood flow to injured or affected parts of the body. Drainage of fluids from certain parts of the body also occur with the use of specific manual therapy techniques.

There are other techniques that are frequently used in this type of therapy, such as acupuncture, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), ultrasound, and hot and cold therapy, among other treatment methods. Specially made assistance devices are also used in physiotherapy, and these mechanical devices can be worn to correct deformities, limit movement for proper healing, or to increase strength of affected body parts from use.


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