What Are the Warning Signs of Nerve Damage?


Nerve damage is often thought to be a side effect of diabetes. However, it can also occur after an injury. Peripheral neuropathy is another name for nerve damage. Although nerve damage is most common in the arms, feet and hands, other parts of your body can also be affected.

Nerve Damage: How It Happens

Nerve damage can happen after any injury. The severity of the injury will often determine the extent. Although minor injuries can cause nerve damage, your body will try to heal itself as quickly as possible. Nerve damage from more severe injuries may require nerve repair.

Fibers also known as axons make up nerves. These fibers are protected by tissues, which act as insulation. Sometimes the fibers are only damaged after an injury. In more severe cases, both the tissues and the fibers are damaged. Sometimes, the nerve may be completely severed.

Symptoms of Nerve Damage

You may experience unpleasant or even painful sensations if your nerves are not functioning properly. These sensations occur when the nerves stop receiving the right signals from the brain to the spinal cord. These are the signs of nerve damage:

  • Tingling or numbness in the feet and hands
  • You feel like you are wearing a tight glove, or sock.
  • Muscle weakness, particularly in the arms and legs
  • Dropping objects you are holding regularly
  • Sharp pains in your hands or arms, legs, feet, or fingers
  • It’s a buzzing sensation similar to an electrical shock.

Nerve damage is more severe in the area that was damaged. If you have injured your shoulder or arm, your symptoms may be more severe in your hands and arms than your feet.
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