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Best Virtual Assistants for doctors in fingertip

Best Virtual Assistants for doctors in fingertip

Doctors are the saviors of our life. We all experience the best service from doctors and know how hard they work irrespective of their time, place, and situation; they are all superheroes in real life. But, though they work hard and enjoy their service, many doctors miss their family time, the moments before they hold the stethoscope, and resolving this virtual medical assistant is the best choice. 

Benefits of Virtual Assitance for the doctors

Doctors are busy by profession, and the saddest part is people who save our lives and look for our health to take care of; they don’t have a perfect time to take care of their health and deal with personal stuff. To get rid of these factors, Virtual assistance by portiva is created, and they are:-

  • Medical Assitant
  • Dental Assitant
  • Health info clerk
  • Manage Emails
  • Transcriptionist
  • Answer Phone calls
  • Medical billing and 
  • Medical scribe

How the Virtual Assitance is done

This process is unique, and the concept is so different, and therefore the virtual medical assistant is mentioned here:- 

Have to tell the tasks

Initially, every doctor is supposed to tell us the tasks to us. The Virtual Assistants have been selected accordingly regarding the job. For example, if a doctor needs assistance in organizing their schedules, the virtual assistant will perform the task in such a way; likewise, the VAs have been allocated depending on the job. 

Virtual Assitance is allocated depending on the requirement.

After the required is gathered, the total number of Virtual Assistance expert are allocated. Depending on the doctor’s total number of requirements, two to three numbers VA are assigned, and the best part is, the doctors themselves can select the Virtual Assistance people through Interviews. 

A 7 days trial is done before actual work

After the interview, seven-day trial work is allocated to know how the service is. The doctors who fixed their Virtual Assistance experts can see how the work is going for them and check out the user’s fulfillments and necessities. 

Gives more effectiveness through work

The doctors can plan their work accordingly and feel the effort through these supports. Within the allocated time, multiple tasks have been done, and they can be carried out here with the best support and assistance. 

These are the best benefits and the process that makes the Virtual medical assistant; filtered through various methods, the main motto is satisfaction among the client. 

Go for the best choice without any delay.

Through these kinds of support, the Portiva Virtual medical assistant had some great help with handling almost 2.5 lakhs of completed tasks, with a 98% satisfaction rate. Get the best assistance and gain the best support to manage our time personally and professionally.