Home Health What is a computerized tomography (CT) scan? Find here!

What is a computerized tomography (CT) scan? Find here!

What is a computerized tomography (CT) scan? Find here!

People are often fearful of diagnostic and imaging tests. Not knowing the details only adds to the stress. A computerized tomography (CT) scan is done to get a more detailed look at the patient’s bones, soft tissues, and blood vessels. CT scans rely on computer processing and a series of X-ray images from different angles to generate cross-sectional images. If you are in Boise, Idaho, you can check with Intermountain Medical Imaging to get an appointment.  In this post, we are sharing some basic details about CT scans. 

Why is a CT scan required?

CT scans are often ordered to diagnose bone diseases and fractures. A CT scan is the best way to diagnose internal injury or bleeding if a patient has internal injuries. The exam is also often ordered to locate malignant and nonmalignant tumors. Doctors and surgeons often rely on CT scans for surgeries and biopsies. If a patient has a condition that requires periodic monitoring, more CT scans can be ordered. Such a scan is also useful for monitoring the patient’s overall health and if they are responding to current treatments. 

Is the exam painful?

  1. A CT scan is a simple procedure, and you will be awake during the exam. You may need to wear a gown given by the imaging center and remove all jewelry or anything containing metal. If your doctor wants a more detailed overview, a contrast material may be used for the CT scan. When the digestive tract must be scanned, you may need to drink enough water or liquid containing the contrast material. IV contrast material is required for some scans. Your body will be exposed to radiation during the scan. If you are pregnant, let the technologist know. New CT machines use minimal radiation, and the benefits clearly outweigh the concerns. 

After a CT scan

You can go home immediately after your CT scan. You may need to drink more fluids to get rid of contrast material. There is little to no discomfort in a CT scan, and you can safely drive on your own. 

It can take up to 48 hours to get your CT scan results. Do not assume anything until your doctor has explained everything in depth. Contrary to what some people think, doctors frequently order CT scans for patients, typically with the intention of better and early diagnosis of diseases. Find an imaging center near you to know more.